About Severe Boredom
SevereBoredom started out as a extra-cirricular project of sorts between Jeffrey Harms and Ryan Pangrle who shared a Computer Science AP class in High School. Jeff typically would sketch and ink the comics while Ryan would scan in the comics and color them. Most of the comics were written by Jeff but a couple ("Your Computer Hates You", "Chess") were written by Ryan. The site is designed and maintained by Ryan and every now and then when has has some extra time or makes the time it gets redesigned.

At points during the couple months where they both were in High School the comic was being updated every week, but shortly after graduation the comic languished because of time constraints on both sides. Every now and then a new comic comes up but that's becoming more and more rare.

Right now both Ryan and Jeff attend De Anza College. Ryan has gone on to become a Computer Science Major, while Jeff currently is studying English.

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All Rights Reserved.

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